Colin Hay

I had the fortune to see Colin Hay in concert at the Ark in Ann Arbor on Tuesday.  Just let me say: YIPPEEEEEE!  He was divine, lyrical, magical, and a boat-load of fun!  You may know him as the former front man for Men At Work.  You may remember his contribution to the movie Garden State.  You may have seen him on Scrubs (below).  All of these pale in comparison to what he is, alone with a guitar and some bottles of water, in a small venue, on a cold and rainy day.  Listen to him! Find him in concert near you!  Go!

Waltz With Bashir

I heard about this movie only because the same director’s new movie was reviewed but my library doesn’t have it.  So I checked out Waltz With Bashir.  I had no idea what it was about, but was hooked from second one.  I had to brush up on my Middle Eastern history as this is about the Israeli-Lebanon war of 1982.  Thank heavens for Wikipedia!  While the movie is political, what I thought was really important was how it portrayed the individual soldiers and their responses to the violence, centered on the Sabra and Shatila Massacre.  Following Wikipedia, I discovered how each movement of troops, each bombing or massacre or battle was justified as a response to some earlier violence.  This goes way beyond “an eye for an eye”.  A very powerful film, both cinamatography (it is composed of animation and real action) and story narrative are brilliant.

Minnesota State of Mind

I’ve been in the north woods working and generally offline.  I’m back however and you’ll soon see this site updated.  Until then, I couldn’t pass this up…

I’m not familiar with the original, and if you’re not from Minnesota but living somewhere else you might not appreciate this, but for us ex-pat Minnesotans, this is pretty awesome.

Life in the West Bank

I can’t be in Jordan without facing the reality of what is happening one the other side of the Jordan/Israel border. If only CNN and their pals would pay attention!!! Please read this quick posting (clipped below) , then watch “Who profits from Israeli occupation” (also below or at I heard about both from Juan Cole (Uof Michigan Middle East expert-guy and great blogger) at Get the word out!!
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On August 3, my husband Mohammed Khatib, and my little brother Abdullah, were taken from their beds in our West Bank village of Bil’in at 3 AM by the Israeli military. My husband is a member of the Bil’in Popular Committee, which has been leading our village’s nonviolent campaign against Israel’s construction of a Wall and a settlement on our land. For nearly five years, every Friday we have been joined by supporters from Israel and around the world as we attempt to march to our land on the other side of the Wall. According to the terms of the Fourth Geneva Convention, the settlement amounts to a war crime, and in 2004 the International Court of Justice ruled the Wall illegal.

Despite this, the construction of the Wall and settlements continued, and we are treated as criminals in our quest for justice. On top of tens of arrests, hundreds of protesters from Bil’in have been injured and one has been killed by the Israeli military.
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The video:

Free Hugs for the Holidays

I don’t think I’ve posted this video before, yet I love it!  And now, just in time for your Holiday Season: More FREE HUGS!

Who wants to volunteer for free hugs?  I can’t wait to return to a country where people HUG!

Don LaFontaine

I knew his voice, but I never knew his name.  Don LaFontaine died in September but his humor (and voice) live on.  First, from youtube, a great short video about him.

Also, a funny comic impersonating Don, Arnie, and others.

Have a funny funny day!

Inspirational–The Girl Effect

Wow, meaningful, relevant, beautiful, and forceful.  This is as inspirational as they come.

Go ahead, change the world one girl at a time.