A tribute to Science

This is great.  Show it to all the kids (and kids at heart) you know who love science.


Fuel from sun and CO2?!!

Looks like “biomimic” fuel is a seriously innovative invention.
clipped from cleantechnica.com

Cambridge-based Joule Biotechnologies has come out of the dark today to announce a radical technology designed to mimic photosynthesis using bio-engineered micro-organisms to make ethanol fuel from carbon dioxide and sunlight.
Because of the abundance of these raw materials, Joule Biotechnologies should be able to make ethanol economically, sustainably and at stable prices.

Prices would be competitive with fossil fuels at $50 a barrel.

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Scifri Videos: A Recipe for Slime

via Scifri Videos: A Recipe for Slime

Halloween is coming.  Carve a pumpkin or make some glowing slime for me! 🙂


Did you know Ben Franklin barely scratched the surface?

Seriously, this is a short but cool video about current research on lightning–fascinating–from Science Friday.