Peace Corps Lessons

These speak to me…tho I’d add to number 10 “or know when not to”… My time in Morocco produced a few too many “don’t get so close to me creep” moments so I’d suggest keeping in mind where SHE’s coming from…
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Top 10 lessons I learned as a Peace Corps Volunteer
1. To know your world, you have to see it- All too often we find ourselves constrained by what is immediately in front of our faces. The same breakfast cereal, the same job, the same routine television schedules, the same life. While there can be great comfort in routine, there is a whole big world out there, and unfortunately it is not just outside your window or through your T.V. screen. Earth is blessed with a multitude of peoples, cultures, landscapes, languages and things to see and do. Whether you take on a life changing commitment such as the Peace Corps, or just take an extended vacation, make sure you go someplace new and different. Open your mind and your eyes to the different facets of the world, and your life will be richly rewarded in direct proportion to how much you are trying to experience.
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Great Peace Corps News

Check it out–Peace Corps is an Ideal Employer–and learn more at the new YouTube Peace Corps Channel.
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Peace Corps Ranked as a Top Ideal Employer by College Students in 2009 Universum Survey

WASHINGTON, D.C., July 10, 2009 – The Peace Corps has been formally recognized by undergraduate college students as the #7 Most Ideal Employer to meet their career goals. The 2009 results are based upon a survey conducted by UNIVERSUM Communications, which gathered student’s perceptions of companies and expectations. More than 60,000 undergraduates and 6,000 MBAs participated in the Universum Student Survey 2009, representing more than 400 universities.
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Peace Corps Launches YouTube Channel
Visuals provide inside view of Peace Corps Volunteer projects, history

Washington, D.C., July 13, 2009 – Peace Corps acting Director Jody K. Olsen announced the launch of the new Peace Corps channel on YouTube:
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The Last Drop

A very good friend of mine here in Jordan organized this incredible video about water in Jordan by 10th grade girls.


It was an amazing project to watch, and it is incredible to think about all the talented and well-meaning people there are out there making a difference!

Makes me feel like there’s hope for real change.