Iraqi Peacemaker Teams Visit Minnesota

I just heard about an interesting collaboration happening in my hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  A group of people hoping to make Najaf, Iraq a sister city of our fair Minne Apple are hosting an impressive cohort of Iraqis in September.  I received this News Blast:

The Iraqi’s are coming!

The Iraqi’s are coming!

As you know, the Iraqi & American Reconciliation Project, in conjunction with the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Peace Campaign: Focus on Iraq, WAMM, Friends for a Non-Violent World, and others are hosting a delegation of 12-15 Iraqis visiting the Twin Cities in the second half of September of this year.  They will be traveling here with Sami Rasouli, Iraqi-American and Muslim Peacemaker Teams director when he returns for an extended stay.

The delegate planning committee invites your support and participation. We are scheduling visits to the big sites, such as City Hall, the State Capital and Museums, but we also hope to provide some personal unexpected experiences.  We invite you to help provide these personal experiences.

For example: Could you provide a 15-20 minute explanation of the Peace Garden at Lake Harriet then join the group for lunch?  How about a favorite restaurant that would be welcoming hosts to 13 visitors from Iraq for lunch?  We plan to bring them to the bridge on a Wednesday evening and offer the Alliant morning vigil particularly to Professor  Askouri whose research is in depleted uranium consequences and who now works in cancer treatment.

Coming as peacemakers and visitors, these professors, city council members, NGO directors and Muslim Peacemaker Team (MPT) members are like us, curious, smart and interested in making friends.

If you think of a way you would like to join us please email, call 952-545-9981

Of course, I hope to find a way to be involved.  I’ll try to update their actions here and tweet them as possible.  BTW, Muslim Peacemaker Teams also seems very interesting.  Check it out!