Fuel from sun and CO2?!!

Looks like “biomimic” fuel is a seriously innovative invention.
clipped from cleantechnica.com

Cambridge-based Joule Biotechnologies has come out of the dark today to announce a radical technology designed to mimic photosynthesis using bio-engineered micro-organisms to make ethanol fuel from carbon dioxide and sunlight.
Because of the abundance of these raw materials, Joule Biotechnologies should be able to make ethanol economically, sustainably and at stable prices.

Prices would be competitive with fossil fuels at $50 a barrel.

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Solar Blimp!

I soooo wanna take a ride! Who remembers the Hindenburg anyway?
clipped from cleantechnica.com

Solar Blimp to Fly from NYC to Paris, Rests on Land or Water

Solar Airship

Perhaps the only thing cooler than being powered by lightweight photovoltaic cells, this airship is also designed to rest on land or water.

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Wind Power in the US

This very cool map (which I don’t think will work once on the blog) displays how wind power has grown in the US in the last decade. Click on it to see it in action!
clipped from cleantechnica.com

map of installed wind capacity in the United States
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My Wishlist: PAS City-C Electric-Assist Bike

It’s still a bit pricy, but for wimps like me an electric-assisted bicycle would be awesome.  Plus it looks cool.  But they’re only available in Japan right now…gar!