Foreign Policy–A Marshall Plan for Africa

Think about it: something has to change in how we work in Africa!
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Think Again: A Marshall Plan for Africa

America brought Europe back to life a half-century ago. Why not give Africa the same chance?

Marshall Plan was fundamentally different from the aid that Africa has received
over the past four decades. The Marshall Plan made loans to European businesses,
which repaid them to their local governments, which in turn used that revenue for
commercial infrastructure — ports, roads, railways — to serve those same
businesses. Aid to Africa has instead funded government and NGO development
projects, without any involvement of the local business sector. The Marshall
Plan worked. Aid to Africa has not. An African Marshall Plan is long, long
groups will argue that such a plan, grounded in building up the local African
economy, can never work. Here are the objections they’ll make to an African
Marshall Plan — and why they’re wrong.
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Inspirational–The Girl Effect

Wow, meaningful, relevant, beautiful, and forceful.  This is as inspirational as they come.

Go ahead, change the world one girl at a time.