NPR World Cafe

I have long been a subscriber of the NPR World Cafe podcast–which is great in-studio interviews and performances by a huge, eclectic assortment of musicians.  I am, however, about a year behind in the podcasts.  Recently, I’ve discovered the following awesome artists from NPR World Cafe:

The Heavy (Jan 14, 2009)–Funky awesomeness (webpage) (my space page)

Butch Walker (Jan 29, 2009)–Powerful songwriter, incredible life story (webpage) (myspace page)

Holly Golightly (Fab 11, 2009)–Fun, interesting, incredibly dramatic voice (webpage) (myspace page)

And my long-time hero Marc Cohn (Sep 14, 2007)–Haunting lyrics, heart-wrenching lovely experience (website) (myspace page)

I need to get more of their music when I’m back stateside! Or even better, see them in person! 🙂