Thinking of Dad

Today would have been my dad’s 67th birthday.  Here’s missing you today and always!

Seriously, he’s quite the cutie, no?

Great Day!!

I’m so happy to be in Jordan!  I am still adjusting from jet lag.  Since I was so out of it, I couldn’t work.  Instead I went to the Dead Sea with my Amman hostess/roomie.   It was spectacular!   I laid in the sun/shade, swam in the pool, read a book, slept.   Basically I tried to relax so that I could get on task tomorrow.  That’s when I’m arranging field visits, getting my phone fixed, planning public presentations of my work, etc. Should be fun! 🙂

Lina and her friend Zaid went with me.  We spent the day at the Dead Sea Spa, the cheapest of the day spots (15 JD).   It wasn’t nearly as crowded as I expected, much less that it had been when I went last year in October.  It was really warm, and the “unheated” pools were like bathtubs.  Lina and Zaid are younger than me, and very active.  They spent the day running from one pool to another to the sea itself, and back again.  I didn’t keep up with them much–I didn’t want to get too burned (of course, I did anyway).  They were so much fun, it made me feel down right youthful again!  We even went down a small water slide with a bunch of kids–I haven’t done that in years! It wasn’t 6 Flags, but it was great.

Well, I’ll be working tomorrow, so I’d best get some rest tonight.

Free Hugs for the Holidays

I don’t think I’ve posted this video before, yet I love it!  And now, just in time for your Holiday Season: More FREE HUGS!

Who wants to volunteer for free hugs?  I can’t wait to return to a country where people HUG!

Inspirational–The Girl Effect

Wow, meaningful, relevant, beautiful, and forceful.  This is as inspirational as they come.

Go ahead, change the world one girl at a time.

Scifri Videos: A Recipe for Slime

via Scifri Videos: A Recipe for Slime

Halloween is coming.  Carve a pumpkin or make some glowing slime for me! 🙂

Update on TVUUC

The shooter has reasons, but there is no logic. There are heroes and there is love.

Updates at

Prayers for TVUUC

I was a member of Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church when I lived in Knoxville 2000-2002.  While I am no longer in touch with people there, I am deeply saddened by the tragedy there yesterday.  I knew one of the victims and my heart and thoughts go out to everyone touched by this violence.

My friends and relatives often ask me why I work and live in the Middle East: “It’s so dangerous there!”  Violence does not respect borders, nations, or neighborhoods.  Such losses are tragedies and deeply disturbing whether across the globe or close to home, wherever home may be.

Wishing the best to you and yours,