Time Zones

clipped from survivingtheworld.net

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2 Responses to “Time Zones”

  1. Matthew Koehler Says:

    Okay, timezones do some silly things. But am I the only one thinks it might be good to avoid having nightfall at 5pm on one coast and 8pm on the other? 1/2 the country wouldn’t be able to enjoy outdoors after work.

    And, if you’re eco-friendly, you have to support them. Daylight savings time saves the nation around 1% in energy costs for that one hour of daylight after work. Now take away 3 hours, drill baby drill!

  2. bloomoon Says:

    So maybe it’s not that the concept of timezones are stupid (as the gentleman in the photo claims) but perhaps just the oddly inconsistent execution of them around the world?

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